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Maximum table size is 6 people.
Please note that, due to the size and nature of the dining room, we cannot accommodate infants and small children.

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Careers at Paradiso

Job opportunities

We strive to maintain a happy, dedicated working environment and to give people good reason to remain with us for a long time. However, talented people like to move and learn. At any time, we are usually aware of who will be moving next and when, even if this is months off in the future.

For this reason, we would love to hear from you if you are interested in working in Paradiso, either as a chef or as part of the dining room team, even when there are no current vacancies posted. Just fill in the form below, choosing either the ‘chef position’ or ‘dining room position’ option.

Work experience opportunities

For working chefs or student chefs who would like to learn about the Paradiso style of cooking in a hands-on way, we have a work experience or ‘stagiere’ scheme in place. We are also able to provide on-site accommodation for out-of-town chefs/students. Minimum period is three weeks, though experience suggests that four to eight is best, and the max depends on availability and suitability.

Because of the size of the kitchen, and to ensure the experience is a rewarding one all round, we can only take one such stagiaire chef at a time, so opportunities are limited and we try our best to allocate periods to those who are most likely to benefit from the experience.

If you are interested, fill in the form below, choosing the ‘kitchen work experience’ option.

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