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Maximum table size is 4 people.
Please note that, due to the size and nature of the dining room, we cannot accommodate infants and small children.

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vegetarian restaurant with rooms · paradiso · cork · ireland · +353 21 4277 939
With its emphasis on rich, complex flavours and a focus on seasonal ingredients, Paradiso delivers an exciting and pleasurable dining experience while putting vegetables front and centre.
pre-theatre dinner · paradiso · cork · ireland · +353 21 4277 939
The Paradiso Cork pre-theatre (early bird) dinner menu – available 5:30pm to 6:30pm Monday to Friday
wine list · paradiso · cork · ireland · +353 21 4277 939
The carefully curated list of wines at Paradiso restaurant, Cork city, all open and available in four measures.
photographs · paradiso · cork · ireland · +353 21 4277 939
Photos of the food, dining room, kitchen and guest rooms at the acclaimed Paradiso restaurant in Cork city, Ireland
gift vouchers · paradiso · cork · ireland · +353 21 4277 939
Purchase vouchers for Paradiso restaurant. A great gift idea. Choose to have your voucher posted or to notify recipient by email
books by Denis Cotter · paradiso · cork · ireland · +353 21 4277 939
Paradiso founder and executive chef, Denis Cotter, is the author of four celebrated and award-winning cookbooks. Buy signed copies here.
opening hours & location · paradiso · cork · ireland · +353 21 4277 939
Paradiso Cork Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday, 17:30 – 22:00. Address: 16 Lancaster Quay, Cork City, Ireland.
paradiso rooms · paradiso · cork · ireland · +353 21 4277 939
Paradiso restaurant Cork has two spacious and luxurious ensuite guest bedrooms, available as part of a dinner & accommodation package for two people.
contact us · paradiso · cork · ireland · +353 21 4277 939
Contact details for Paradiso restaurant Cork
about paradiso · paradiso · cork · ireland · +353 21 4277 939
With an emphasis on rich, complex flavours and a focus on seasonal ingredients, Paradiso delivers an exciting and pleasurable dining experience while putting vegetables front and centre.
careers at paradiso · paradiso · cork · ireland · +353 21 4277 939
Chef and front of house job opportunities and work experience/stagiere scheme details for the acclaimed Paradiso restaurant in Cork city, Ireland
news and social media · paradiso · cork · ireland · +353 21 4277 939
See Paradiso Cork’s Twitter and Facebook details and learn how to keep informed of news and important announcements
sign the Paradiso guestbook · paradiso · cork · ireland · +353 21 4277 939
Submit feedback and read messages from customers around the world. Link to Paradiso reviews on Tripadvisor
Site map · paradiso · cork · ireland · +353 21 4277 939
Seaching for something? Browse an index of all pages in the paradiso.restaurant web site
dinner · paradiso · cork · ireland · +353 21 4277 939
The dinner menu at Paradiso restaurant in Cork city. Available Monday – Saturday, 17:30 – 22:00.
archive 7 pages
Paradiso (archive)
Paradiso (archive) : blog
Paradiso (archive)
Paradiso (archive) : blog
Paradiso (archive) : recipes
Paradiso (archive) : pre-theatre
Paradiso (archive) : reviews
blog 64 pages
Paradiso (archive) : Paradiso is 20!
Paradiso (archive) : Paradiso closed August Bank Holiday Monday
Paradiso (archive) : REAL FOOD & WINE DINNER EVENT 28th APRIL
Paradiso (archive) : Budget wine duty increase
Paradiso (archive) : Wine Geese dinner in Paradiso, May 28th, with Cullen Wines
Paradiso (archive) : Denis Cotter at the Ballymaloe Literary Festival
Paradiso (archive) : A new approach to pricing and pouring wine
Paradiso (archive) : December wines of the month
Paradiso (archive) : New season olive oil on the table now
Paradiso (archive) : VAT increase January 2012
Paradiso (archive) : Food&Wine Dinner
Paradiso (archive) : Wines of the Month for January
Paradiso (archive) : Bridgestone 100 Best
Paradiso (archive) : Streetsmart campaign 2010
Paradiso (archive) : Gifts of quince and crab apples
Paradiso (archive) : November wines of the month
Paradiso (archive) : Exciting new wines of the month just in...
Paradiso (archive) : Denis Cotter Demo at Donnybrook Fair
Paradiso (archive) : Denis Cotter cookery class at the Tannery
Paradiso (archive) : book news coming like buses
Paradiso (archive) : blog
Paradiso (archive) : Denis at The Cookery School @ Donnybrook Fair in March
Paradiso (archive) : Paradiso Rooms re-opening
Paradiso (archive) : One work day left...doffing my hat to Allianz Insurance
Paradiso (archive) : TWO DAYS TO GO...
Paradiso (archive) : COUNTDOWN TO A NEW PARADISO
Paradiso (archive) : Forward Motion at Full Tilt
Paradiso (archive) : Progress Update on Flood Damage
Paradiso (archive) : Flood Damage Update
Paradiso (archive) : Paradiso under water
Paradiso (archive) : Christmas cookery class with Denis at the Tannery
Paradiso (archive) : Christmas Menu
Paradiso (archive) : Chanterelle foraging at last
Paradiso (archive) : Artichokes on the move
Paradiso (archive) : One night special offer returns for May
Paradiso (archive) : Great winter deals in Paradiso Rooms!
Paradiso (archive) : The art of learning on the hoof
Paradiso (archive) : Electric Picnic report
Paradiso (archive) : Gortnanain goes all sweet and sticky
Paradiso (archive) : Paradiso at the Electric Picnic
Paradiso (archive) : blog
Paradiso (archive) : blog
Paradiso (archive) : Esbjorn Svensson takes off
Paradiso (archive) : Asparagus at last!
Paradiso (archive) : New photographs on the Paradiso walls
Paradiso (archive) : Bandon Revisited
Paradiso (archive) : guerrilla gourmet
Paradiso (archive) : Book Launch at Paradiso
Paradiso (archive) : Gooseberries on the high seas
Paradiso (archive) : Midweek breaks in Paradiso
Paradiso (archive) : Cafe Paradiso breakfast menu
Paradiso (archive) : The worrying silence about the new book
Paradiso (archive) : William Wall Reading at Cafe Paradiso
Paradiso (archive) : Gort-na-nain Farm B&B
Paradiso (archive) : T-Rex or Led Zeppelin?
Paradiso (archive) : christmas opening hours
Paradiso (archive) : New Year's Eve 2006
Paradiso (archive) : finally...!
Paradiso (archive) : Wine & cheese tasting in Paradiso
Paradiso (archive) : *Christmas & New Year opening*
Paradiso (archive) : blog
Paradiso (archive) : *Paradiso Christmas Gift Packs*
dine 1 page
Paradiso (archive) : How to book
about 2 pages
Paradiso (archive) : Gort Na Nain Farm
Paradiso (archive) : Denis Cotter
misc 2 pages
Paradiso (archive) : Follow Paradiso
Paradiso (archive) : Join our Mailing List
recipes 33 pages
Paradiso (archive) : leeks braised in lemon, ginger & toasted pepitas (with haloumi & harissa)
Paradiso (archive) : parsnip ravioli, rosemary brown butter, roast portobello, apple balsamic and crisped leeks
Paradiso (archive) : romanesco with romesco (and a couple of leeks)
Paradiso (archive) : Rosemary set custard with fresh figs and honey port sauce
Paradiso (archive) : roast courgette, green bean & fennel salad with puy lentils, zhoug, minted yoghurt and cumin crispbreads
Paradiso (archive) : Strawberry, beetroot & sheep's cheese salad, raspberry dressing & crunchy stuff
Paradiso (archive) : Asparagus two ways
Paradiso (archive) : Roast cauliflower & carrot salad with watercress & faro, sesame yoghurt dressing, citrus-harissa oil and feta
Paradiso (archive) : squash, okra & chickpea tagine with apricots & cherries
Paradiso (archive) : braised parsnip & leek farrotto with citrus rosemary butter
Paradiso (archive) : Roast pumpkin soup with chickpeas, leeks & spiced croutons
Paradiso (archive) : squash, potato & cashew roti with fennel-mango salsa
Paradiso (archive) : Feta, pistachio & couscous cake with sweet & hot pepper jam, citrus greens, coriander yoghurt and spiced chickpeas
Paradiso (archive) : aubergine involtini of spinach, almonds & Knockalara sheep's cheese with green chilli pesto
Paradiso (archive) : Panelle
Paradiso (archive) : potato crepes of asparagus & brie with tarragon butter and warm beetroot & puy lentil salsa
Paradiso (archive) : roast aubergine, avocado & chicory salad with honey, chilli & cardamom and a tahini-yoghurt dressing
Paradiso (archive) : blood orange polenta cake with licorice ice cream
Paradiso (archive) : Spiced sprouting broccoli with roast parsnip farrotto and citrus-rosemary butter
Paradiso (archive) : fresh pasta with brussels sprouts, chilli, garlic, orange, feta & fried crumbs
Paradiso (archive) : roasted roots, chickpea & couscous pilaf with harissa sauce, chermoula and feta
Paradiso (archive) : galette of braised turnip, portobello mushrooms and pecans with red wine gravy
Paradiso (archive) : Potato gnocchi in sage & hazelnut butter with chanterelles and sweetcorn
Paradiso (archive) : Harvest Stew
Paradiso (archive) : really good bean burgers for the barbecue
Paradiso (archive) : deepfried courgette flowers with Knockalara sheep's cheese & capers and a tomato-citrus broth
Paradiso (archive) : beetroot risotto with lemon oil and broad beans
Paradiso (archive) : Asparagus & Gabriel cheese gratin with herbed hazelnut crust and fried capers
Paradiso (archive) : salad of rose-poached rhubarb, fennel & watercress with Bluebell Falls fresh goat's cheese and hazelnut citrus praline
Paradiso (archive) : Warm salad of cime di rapa & roast aubergines with chillies, Knockalara sheep’s cheese, and a citrus-pomegranate dressing
Paradiso (archive) : Sprouting broccoli with chilli, puy lentils, Cratloe Hills sheep's cheese (and a big bowl of mash)
Paradiso (archive) : Sunchoke soup with truffle oil and sheep's cheese arancini
Paradiso (archive) : Cabbage timbale of celeriac & chestnuts with mushrooms in cider cream
reviews 22 pages
Paradiso (archive) : The Bridgestone Vegetarian Guide
Paradiso (archive) : Helen Lucy Burke
Paradiso (archive) : Tom Doorley, Sunday Tribune
Paradiso (archive) : Matthew Fort, The Guardian
Paradiso (archive) : Bridgestone 100 Best Restaurants in Ireland 1999
Paradiso (archive) : Darina Allen, Irish Examiner
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Paradiso (archive) : John McKenna, food writer and publisher of the Bridgestone Guides
Paradiso (archive) : BBC Vegetarian Magazine
Paradiso (archive) : Sybil Kapoor, The Independent
Paradiso (archive) : Flora Woods (Manager, Books for Cooks, London), Food Illustrated
Paradiso (archive) : John McKenna
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Paradiso (archive) : Irish Times
Paradiso (archive) : reviews