27 Aug 2021   reservations by phone only read more…

For reservations, call 0214277939, 11am-5pm Tuesday to Saturday

Online reservations are temporarily unavailable, due to the changing situation around covid restrictions, dining room capacity and our menu offering.

Maximum table size is 4 people.


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27 Aug 2021   reservations by phone only

We are currently taking reservations by telephone only - on 0214277939, between 11am-5pm, Tuesday to Saturday. This is due to the evolving situation around covid restrictions, whereby we are unsure what our dining room capacity will be in the weeks and months ahead, and consequently what our menu offering will be as we move into autumn. It is best for you and for us if we can discuss all issues in real time while making the booking, rather than in follow up.

For the foreseeable next few weeks, we will continue to offer our small plates sharing menu.

Online reservations will be available again once we have certainty on the table plan of the dining room going forward. Thanks for your understanding and patience.