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Paradiso guestbook

Guestbook? Very 1997 that, you say. Well, this one’s been around that long and we’ve loved receiving and publishing feedback from around the world. If you’re more inclined towards the busy high street of all things webby, go to our Tripadvisor page to have your say. On the other hand, if you have a fondness for the old-school or a tendency to the quietly retro, do please post a message here. Go on …

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Brian and Odette Murphy – Scotland


just returned from Cork and had a great lunch the carrot and feta terrine was sublime

keep up the good work

Elaine and David Howells – Winchester,


Having read your latest inspiring book, we decided to fly to Cork to spend our wedding anniversary weekend at Cafe Paradiso, and what a treat it was! The food and hospitality were superb. What a pleasure it was to meet you, Denis, and to chat about vegetarian restaurants of the world. Thank you for taking the time to sign our copies of your books – we know you were busy. Thanks again for a gastronomically delightful stay. By the way, the breakasts were sublime – Johan did you proud!

Nick & Amy Smith – Surrey


I have waited 21 years as a vegetarian to eat food of this sublime quality. Even my meat-eating wife has never had better. Thank goodness there is someone out there who understands vegetables as a main ingredient and not an accompaniment to meat. The accomodation and service was excellent and we had a fantastic time. We will be back.

Frances O’Halloran (Crazy) – crazy


Many dishes were tried, all shared, all thoroughly enjoyed. Just one observation, people go for the food not the wine, yet, a better selection of red would compliment cafe paradiso to maintain the high standard of your food. We bought two books……we will be back!

Antonia – Glasgow


I had lunch on Wednesday in Paradise. I’,m a carnivore but your restaurant was recommended by someone who lives locally. Thank goodness, I listened for once! What I’d love to know is how to make the baba ganoush that we had…. any pointers as it’s not in the recipe book that I bought. Thanks in advance. P.S. I have vegetarian chums here and am ALWAYS short of imaginative ideas. LOVED the place, atmosphere and the FOOD

alan + marie – france


How long ago was it?…let me see…1997! Yes it was 11 years ago that i last set foot in Cafe Paradiso but I,ve been cooking from the books ever since. Blessed with real seasons in France the produce is easy to find, except parsnips, which for some reason are branded as ‘ancient lost vegetables’ and so cost a whole lot more than they do in Eire. Anyway in a land where they pride thmselves on their haute cuisine, hardly anyone knows how to give the veggies their rightful place on the plate, so these recipes have them ooh la la-ing and I get compliments i don,t deserve, just having copied the recipes from the books! Anyway down to cork the other day, we had been looking forward to lunch in cafe paradiso and we were blown away by the subtle heights the cooking has evolved to since the last time. Before it was great; now it,s sublime. If you ever want to translate your books into french dennis, just let me know! :-)

camille – massachusetts,


No plans to go to restaurant, unfortunately, but if someone reading this does, order the roast aubergine parcels. I made them at home from the cookbook and impressed my carnivore husband so thoroughly that he never missed his meat. I can only imagine how much better Denis can make them.

Maureen – St.


How about a new blog entry Mr. Cotter?

Margaret – Meath


Loved the previous books that have me, among others, cooking kale whenever I can get my hands on it. I had heard how good the food was. Glad to have been able to avail of the mid-week B&B offer in November 2007. Two dinners and two breakfasts = 4 perfect meals in a row. Lovely, friendly welcoming staff. Very cosmopolitan clientèle when we were there. Stayed in the beautiful red room and appreciated the room to roam, the Scrabble, books, stereo, absence of TV. Breakfasts were amazing and copious: do plan a long walk afterwards. We needed a relaxing break and got it. On top of that we felt extremely well looked after in a gentle and understated way. The six copies of the new book that I bought have gone to good homes. Lovely read – inspiring and makes me (and I know that’s a mistake) want to get out there and plant some greens or find someone to do it for me. The first recipe I tried (beetroot tabbouleh) was easy to make, visually attractive and very tasty. Congratulations to Denis Cotter and all the staff for the great things you are doing (and to your growers – I am truly impressed). And a heartfelt thank you for such an enjoyable break.

nikki – New


Kia Ora from downunder.
I was introduced to your seasons book & i have to say its one of the most inspiring , seductive culinary delights. I very nearly turned vegetarian!

Lori & Russell – Nantucket,


My boyfriend and I spent three nights at Cafe Paradiso during our recent trip to Ireland, and let me say, it far exceded our expectations!
The rooms are huge and so comfortable. (love the French Press, by the way)
The food…both breakfast and dinner are AMAZING…even our cold breakfast one morning was just fantastic! I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to my favorite brunch restaurant in my home town…it just doesn’t compare!
Thank you so much Denis, and Staff, for making our stay possible and being so accomodating…we had a wonderful stay!
Lori & Russell

Debra & Neil Confrey – Wales


We had the good fortune to have lunch and dinner (separate days)at Cafe Paradiso recently, combined with staying several days at Gort na Nain, the guesthouse run by Lucy and Ultan, Paradiso’s organic veg suppliers. We can think of no better way to enjoy a stay in Cork. Diolch yn fawr i chi.

Anne & Paul Murdoch – Atlanta,


We will be in Cork 9-13-2008 and will be by for lunch. I will make a reservation in about a year. We heard of you through Jay & Pat Bainbridge, neighbors of ours. Best regards!

Isabelle – Lyon,


We entered this restaurant wanting to avoid “the fish and chips” irish dish. My hursband and I were with our 3 children. We were wonderfully welcomed and the food was so good we asked if irish people could realise their luck. Each of our children (5,7 and 10)asked a second plate of pasta. It had never happened before. I will recommend cafe paradiso to every people intending to go to Ireland. It worth going from everywhere in Ireland. Thank you.

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