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Paradiso guestbook

Guestbook? Very 1997 that, you say. Well, this one’s been around that long and we’ve loved receiving and publishing feedback from around the world. If you’re more inclined towards the busy high street of all things webby, go to our Tripadvisor page to have your say. On the other hand, if you have a fondness for the old-school or a tendency to the quietly retro, do please post a message here. Go on …

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Eoin & Orla – Dublin


Amazing meal and choice of food…for a vegetarian this means everything!!! Staff were lovely, thanks a million!! We’ll be back again

Kim M – Northants,


Hi, just wanted to say the meal I ate last week at yours was possibly the best all year. Thanks for fitting us in on such short notice, and the staff were great. Never knew vegetables were so exciting, and I am now a convert to green beans…

Liz J – The


We’ve been twice and loved everything, the people, the food, the rooms, the books! Need a bigger stomach! Can’t seem to register for the newsletter.

Almut Lipp – Germany


I just had lunch at your lovely restaurant. It was absolutely delicious and the best meal I had in a long time!

Jon – Sheffield


I recently ate at your restaurant. I’m a meat eater but it was easily the best meal I have had this year! thank you

Laraine Cunningham – Long


Hi My son and I are coming to Cork, He is a university Student – We heard about Cafe Paradiso We Can’t wait to visit!! trying to receive the new letter please add us to the list thank you :)
Regards, Laraine and Doug Cunningham

michele – rome,


i miss you soo much.
i don’t know if you remember of me, i’ve worked with you 2 years ago for a very short time, one month.. but you’re imprint is left on my heart forever.. you are “precious” to me!
i love cafè paradiso

Mark H – Swansea,


The new book is great. We cooked the celeriac, mushroom, and pearl barley soup this weekend and it was delicious. The book is a worthy successor to the previous ones. In particular, we use the Seasons one a lot because we get deliveries of seasonal organic veg. Paradiso Seasons recipes are now standard fare at home here! I only wish I’d eaten at the restaurant more: only managed it the once when I was speaking at UCC, and I bought the first two books there and then. So it was a real delight to find the new one on the shelves of a Swansea bookshop!

sjfanning – London


I’m buying the cookbook (though I doubt I can do it justice)! I expected it to be the best veggie meal I’ve ever had from all the reviews I read, but my meat-loving friends adored it too. The food was amazing, the staff were so helpful, the desserts were the most beautiful creations – it was worth the train/flight/drive/torrential rain suffered to get there, and I’d go every weekend if I could.

Claire Coleman – Galway


My sister brought me to cafe paradiso as a surprise last night! It is my favourite restaurant bar none. Thanks so much!

Kieran Murphy – Dingle


Keep it up Denis! Another fabulous meal enjoyed tonight. Greetings from Murphys Ice Cream in Dingle.

B MacC – Macroom


The brownie and ice-cream I had today was the best dessert I ever had in Ireland. The brownie was so light and yet so voluptuous in texture and the ice-cream was so creamy, not a hint of a frosty texture. I can’t wait for your recipe book to arrive in the post so I can try recreating it!

Lauren S – Newfoundland


I ate here several times in early 2006 with my travelling companion and we agree it was by far the best food we’d eaten in Cork! Can’t wait to come back some day!

Andrew Fraser – Dublin


Please, please open a branch in Dublin. I have two of your cookbooks. I love your recipes. Dublin really needs a Cafe Paradiso!

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