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Paradiso guestbook

Guestbook? Very 1997 that, you say. Well, this one’s been around that long and we’ve loved receiving and publishing feedback from around the world. If you’re more inclined towards the busy high street of all things webby, go to our Tripadvisor page to have your say. On the other hand, if you have a fondness for the old-school or a tendency to the quietly retro, do please post a message here. Go on …

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Jenny – Mayo


Just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful meal last Friday evening. The food was incredible, I’ve been raving about it to everyone all weekend! The atmosphere in the restaurant was lovely, as were the staff. I really enjoyed the experience and can’t wait for an excuse to go back to Cork. It’s fantastic that you’re back up and running after the floods. Many thanks again for an amazing meal.

Valerie G – Dublin


If I close my eyes for a moment, I can taste the beetroot risotto I had last Thur night. Bliss. We had a wonderful 2 days with yourselves and Gort Na Nain, eating wonderful food and enjoying the best of hospitality. The new motorway may be boring, but it makes you so much nearer.

Patrick – Vienna, Austria


Hallo Denise and Paradiso Team. Your cooking inspired me and the kindness of your staff warmed my hearth. Now I am in a place where you are a stranger in cooking book shelfs, but your style lives on with me. All the best wishes to you all.

Margaret – Brussels


If you get hold of decent apricots this summer, make the poached apricot and polenta cake from Paradiso Seasons and serve it with Greek yoghurt. I made it while on a Greek island and it was perfect. The feta and watermelon salad from the same book is great too (renamed krima to karpouzi (the poor watermelon) by a Greek purist (don’t mess with my watermelon). Recipes from Wild Garlic such as the quinoa pilaff with parsnips and the roasted vegetable salad and the aubergine/halloumi parcels get a lot of airing in my kitchen. Next book when?

Stewart – Nottingham


Sobhlasta! We had a truly gastronomic 2 days in Cork, one that will never be forgotten. Our big thanks to everyone at Cafe Paradiso. There will be many attempts at recreating the food but it won’t be the same. I highly recommend that people try the breakfast – you’ll have to stay the night and eat the morsels on offer in your room as well – what a chore!

Suzanne L. – Dublin


I ate in Cafe Paradiso last weekend & it was everything that I hoped it would be, & more. Word of this wonderful place reached me about 3 years ago & I often dreamt about the perfect meal I would have there one day. It took a while but it was worth the wait. I spent all last week thinking about why it was such a unique experience & I came up with the following; the food is sublime. The choice is vast, there are many different styles & flavours to choose from on the menu. It was a proper dining experience unlike going to a veggie cafe or somewhere similar. It was reassuring to know the vegetables were hand picked locally & that it was a purely vegetarian kitchen. I wanted to soak up the experience & savour every mouthful of food & store the memory of its taste so I could resurrect it when faced with yet another bland excuse for a vegetarian meal in an average restaurant. Life will be hard from here on in as nowhere can compare to the meal I so throughly, on every level, enjoyed here. It is food for the soul & I hope to nourish mine again soon! Go raibh maith agat.

Dottie S. – Dallas,


We actually visited your wonderful restaurant last March. I am thrilled to find your website. The food was some of the best we had in Ireland, and some of the best we’ve had any where. We stayed at Gortnanain Farm and had a really nice time. We meant to stay just one night and ended up staying for two.

Dan Gummerson – Wells-


I used to use some of your recipies from your brilliant ‘Paradiso Seasons’ book when i was the head chef of moyle’s hotel (Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire).We used to share some customers incidently. Anyway it was that good a book that somebody stole it. Earlier this week i tried to borrow a copy from the libary, however it turns out that every copy in english libaries has been stolen, presumably by people who love it as much as i do. Kind of twisted praise but praise indeed! Oh yeah i have just ordered my new copy. Dan

Tansy Mayfield – Caerleon,


We decided to make the first part of our holiday a stay in Cork mainly to visit Paradiso – I am so glad we did. The food was truly sublime – so well crafted, and such fantastic flavours. My previous restaurant crush was the Prinz Myshkin in Munich – we once drove 300 miles out of our way just to go on a return visit – I’m just glad that you are nearer!

Margaret Maes – Bloomington,


We stumbled on your restaurant by accident on Dec. 30 in the pouring rain. The staff was warm and welcoming in spite of the fact that we were drenched and had no reservation. Our meal was so good that we arranged to return the next night, New Year’s Eve, and had another spectacular dinner. I had no idea that you had just reopened (though I wondered about your proximity to the river), and I’m just amazed at the pictures you’ve posted and what you accomplished in just a month. We consider ourselves fortunate to have been there at the right time. Kudos on the beautiful new interior and the wonderful food, and thanks for your hospitality!

Celia Strange – Carmarthen


Well done Denis and all, we from accross the Irish Sea are full of admiration for you for getting back on track so swiftly -have a lovely Christmas, from Celia and Mike

Celia Strange – Carmarthen


Hi Denis, and everyone, from Celia and Mike. Deri has let us know how you have succeeded in getting up and running this weekend. Huge admiration flows from this side of the Irish Sea to you, and our warmest wishes for a successful re-launch.

Nicki ffrench – Cork


Well done everyone for your bravery in tackling the flooding head-on and treating it as a real opportunity. I’m sure you will bounce right back (er, should that be splashback in this case?. Good luck with your best kitchen, restaurant and website ever!

Will O’Reilly – Dublin


Had an amazing experience last Friday!! Loved everything that was put in front of me :)
Any chance of opening a sister resturant up in the second capital??? ;)

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