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Suzanne L. – Dublin


I had a wonderful birthday dinner here last Saurday night with friends & family. The food lived up to my high expectations (up there from my last visit) & it was a really special meal, in my favourite restaurant. My friend turned to me after the amin course & said “It’s a real pity I can’t pick up my plate & lick it!” High praise indeed! The staff & the service they provided was faultless & friendly. Heres looking forward to my next visit.

paddy daly – dublin


thanks again for another great meal…fantastic as always

Rosemary Ann Ogilvie – Tasmania,


Thank you for writing For the Love of Food. It’s absolutely brilliant. I’m so pleased you decided on a book of ‘nice things to eat’ – although saying that about the food the recipes produce is like saying Pavaraotti had a nice singing voice. HUGE understatement! I love the use of nuts in the recipes, and of ‘newer’ vegetables such as cavolo nero. I’m now regretting thinning mine in the garden so savagely! Hope you can produce another such book in the not-too-distant future. And it definitely deserves a Best Vegetarian Book in the World award.

Adam Carmichael – Cambridge,


I recently recieved your wonderful cookbook as a present and after two weeks am still excited about how much there is still to cook from it! It is a testament to the way it is written that i (keen but by no means a master in the kitchen) managed to do the mushroom, onion and watercress risotto with huge success! It tasted amazing. I hereby make a vow to visit your cafe in the future! Many thanks :)

Glyn Rogers – Newport


Of course, that should have been that I managed to find some Farro in a deli in Olney

Glyn Rogers – Newport


Great new book! I’ve already tried a few of the dishes and they are superb as always. I managed to find some farrotto in a deli in Olney.

Nicci Perl – Kent


I am so pleased to get a copy of your new book.I know I will enjoy using this as much as your others. However,can you please tell me where I can buy farrotto in England. I have asked in my reliable healthfood shop and the local Italian deli without success.

Kristine Christlieb – Texas


We will be arriving in Cork on Saturday for lunch! It is on our itinerary. We are Texas foodies in search of Ireland’s best. Looking forward to meeting you.

mike o’calllaghan – Detroit


So fun watching the show on the Food Network this week.I get to Cork about every two years and look forward to my next trip back which will include a visit to your restaurant.

Patricia R – Charlotte,


I was watching a cooking show last night, Bobby Flay’s Ireland, and there was a segment about your restaurant. My husband and I have made a conscious choice to have better eating habits. We have recently become vegetarians and I have been searching for new recipes. The food that you served on that show looked wonderful. I was inspired by what I saw and heard during that segment. I am ordering your cookbook today and look forward to sharing the meals with my family. Thank you for sharing your skills with us.

N – Galway


Please can you put on your website, where the restaurant is actually located! ive been trying to figure this out and its very frustrating!

Lorna Evers Monaghan – Dublin


Just spent 2 days in Cork and ate in Cafe Paradiso 3 times!! Would have gone for a 4th time but they close on Sundays. Best vegetarian food ever. Already planning my next trip. PLEASE OPEN IN DUBLIN _ WE NEED YOU. : )

Ronan Hayes – Cork,


Thank you for the recent Christmas card! really looking forward to dining with ye again over the Yuletide. Best wishes to all @ Cafe Paradiso over the holidays!

Alan & Alex Doherty – Ullapool


Ate there on Tuesday evening and must say how wonderfull the food was, the staff excellent, wish we had such a place in Scotland. Hope to be back someday. thank you for an evening to remember

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