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Paradiso guestbook

Guestbook? Very 1997 that, you say. Well, this one’s been around that long and we’ve loved receiving and publishing feedback from around the world. If you’re more inclined towards the busy high street of all things webby, go to our Tripadvisor page to have your say. On the other hand, if you have a fondness for the old-school or a tendency to the quietly retro, do please post a message here. Go on …

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June Meagher – United


We were lucky enough to visit you twice for supper. Great presentation, quality and tastes. A wake up call to the senses and such lovely staff, very helpful and welcoming. I will make a point of going back when next in this area. I have no hesitation in recommending this restaurant.

ELIZABETH – Wadebridge,Cornwall


Wow – we love the new menus. How I wish we lived nearby, or maybe you could open up down here….. please!

Germaine – London


Hope it’s not too late to wish Geraldine and everyone a very happy and successful 2012. You have been often in our thoughts since our visit in November -sounds a bit extreme to say it was a life-changing experience, but it’s certainly given a new lease of life to our eating habits as we work our way through the growing collection of Paradiso cookery books. Great to hear Dennis on The Food Programme on BBC4 yesterday.

Lorna Evers Monaghan – Slane,


During a recent visit to to Cafe Paradiso I had the limone Paradiso for desert. It was simply the most amazing desert I have ever had. Ever. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I adore Cafe Paradiso and wish once again there was one in Dublin. One teeny tiny thing though is that as a veggie with a pepper allergy (which includes chilli) my choices are a little more limited than most so more cream less spice please : ), but what I did have was still heaven on a plate. I will be back! : )

Helen – UK


I’m not a veggie but after sampling some of your totally yummy recipes from the book of yours that i won recently i’m seriously considering becoming one. The beetroot risotto with broad beans is by far one of the best things i’ve ever tasted, I just wish you were here to cook it for me.

Denise Brudevold – United States


When my daughter decided to follow a vegetarian diet I was very excited to have another reason to explore vegetarian cuisine. Your monthly recipes, which I found after you were visited by Bobby Flay, have been a delight. Thank you.

siobhan crowley/annette mulchrone – fermoy


We had a beautiful meal 2nite @ cafe paradiso. The starters and main courses we had were totally delicious/the combination and mixes go so well together. The lemon dessert and icecream was divine. we enjoyed every mouthful sooo much. thank you soo much for honouring a birthday voucher i had that was long long expired. I really appreciate that. well done to the team @ cafe paradiso for your great food and service. all the best. be back soon. take care. siobhan and annette

Brighid Liston – Blackrock


My first time being in Cafe Paradiso last night & what a treat it was!Start to finish food, service, choice,menu, flavours,presentations & best of all taste were absolutely outstanding-top notch-second to none! Thank you so much for a beautiful experience. I will be back for some more – Cann’t wait.



I have and love all your cookbooks and the recipes are totally reliable with most delicious results. Can’t wait to visit you in Cork, hopefully soon. Thanks for inspiration and brilliance. May you continue to thrive and be happy, Gabriella

Gill Cox – Cheltenham


Paradiso Seasons What a beautifully crafted book!

Liz Taylor – Barga,


A parcel arrived from Amazon today with four new cook books, a real treat. I sat in the garden leafing through them, saving for the love of food till last. What a joy, it is beautiful, absolutely inspiring, and written with such engaging style you feel like a friend. I went from cover to cover and have done nothing else all day, definitely the best buy. So many treats in store to try. Like everything that excels you have made it look and sound effortless, but there is so much dedication in there and I hope it sells by the million. Well done, and thank you. Oh for a day in Maureen’s shoes…

Remy ingeman Paasche – Norway


thanks for a lovely stay during the photo festival. Lovely service

Shaun Hutchinson – Manchester,


Made the salad on page 58 of the new book with feta and couscous – it worked beautifully, a complete tasty dinner, served with crusty french bread, SUPERB!

Francesca M – England


I bought for the love of food this weekend and last night I made the cabbage rice noodles. Today I made an elaborate excuse to avoid going out for lunch with work just so I could eat the left-overs. Your book is amazing! Thank-you, I can’t wait to cook everything else in it!

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