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Paradiso guestbook

Guestbook? Very 1997 that, you say. Well, this one’s been around that long and we’ve loved receiving and publishing feedback from around the world. If you’re more inclined towards the busy high street of all things webby, go to our Tripadvisor page to have your say. On the other hand, if you have a fondness for the old-school or a tendency to the quietly retro, do please post a message here. Go on …

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Breege Madden – Skerries


Just got your Cookery book Spring and Summer. Really enjoyed reading it and looking forward to using your recipes and to a visit to Cafe Paradiso

Nichola Beukes & Giri Varatharajan – Canterbury,


We started renting a cottage in Ireland four years ago, and (thankfully!) discovered Cafe Paradiso then. Where would we be now without our annual pilgrimage to you for a feast?! I am delighted to say that my latest birthday present is a promise of staying in your new rooms, which has had me smiling for days…we look forward to booking in the new year.

Christine – Ennis


The best food I’ve ever had was here, at Paradiso. I no longer live in Cork, so there’s no dropping in, but I just can’t wait for my son to come visiting from Sweden – so I can take him for a meal to really remember! Thanks for keeping it up!

andrew lysley – Bath


Shhhhhh…must whisper this just in case too many people hear my eulogy about your wonderful little place tucked discretely away on the waterfront. Truly, we felt that we HAD visited Paradise when we spent one night at Cafe Paradiso. Everything about it from the genuine warm welcome, the understated professionalism, the distinctive and delightful bedrooms, and above all, food prepared and cooked in heaven. Many thanks to you both and all the lovely staff. We shall return!

Andrew & Gerda

Kjartan – Oslo,


I had the pleasurre of dining at your restaurant a few years ago, and I loved it. Must definatly try to come back some time.

Jean Lomas – Toronto


Denis and Bridget …

love the new site, and the new rooms look incredible too!

I still look back fondly on my memories of Cafe P, and hope to come back at some point as I can’t get all those amazing meals out of my mind. Still looking for a Canadian equivalent but something tells me I’ll just have to save up for a plane ticket!

I miss you all and hope you’re well :)

Sarah Persey & Scott Irving – London


We are so glad we made our culinary pilgrimage to Paradiso. After enjoying your books, we were very excited about coming to the “source” and we were not disappointed. Two great nights of stunning food and wine. Thanks

Liz Wyman – Stoke-on-Trent


Finally got round to visiting for 2 nights in August – what can I say? I was worried that because I love the books so much I’d be disappointed when I got there – but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Everything was perfect. Thanks for 2 wonderful evenings.

Kylie – Hove


Partner told me to look at the updated site and it looks really lovely as do the new rooms upstairs. Already trying to think of a way to make my partner pay for me to sleep there as well as eat. Still, can’t complain. Coming for lunch at the restaurant soon and really looking forward to it, especially having looked at the menu options at the moment. Yum.

Noelle Mc Carthy – Auckland


Look at the beautiful new rooms!!! So homesick for you all this morning. Well, Winston P has been made foreign minister anyway so I’ll probably be booted out soon..
Love to you all xxxNoel

Hannah McNamara – London


Hello all. I visited your cute wee restaurant last July (special occasion) and was absolutely blown away by the amazing food, atmosphere, wine and service. Thank you to Sam, (cheeky but adorable kiwi boy) and to Suzy, (I think she might be Sam’s gorgeous sister) for going the extra mile and making our evening memorable. Recommendations given to us on the food and the wine, (Yay St Claire Sav), were spot on. Hope to see you kids on our return this July. All our love and thanks. Hannah and Benjamin

Fiona Ellis –


It’s just a week since we left Cork after eating three of the best meals I’ve had anywhere. You’ve got everything just right. The cooking is imaginative, delicious and executed to perfection. The flavours balance and surprise. But front of house is also important and that’s where Bridget shines. She makes you feel like a friend who has popped in for dinner. Finally, at the risk of sycophancy, the staff are great too – they really care about and know about the food. They were so helpful in our attempts to identify English equivalents of those excellent Irish cheeses so we can use the cookbooks properly at home. I acquired two signed books so I can give my battered, annotated copies away and bring more fans into the fold.

Can’t wait to return and sample another seasonal menu.

Fiona Ellis (on behalf of self and Cinzia Hardy, Margaret Lonergan and Susan Coughlan)

Ruth Clydesdale – London


My partner had told me how out of this world Cafe Paradiso is, but I thought he was exaggerating…. not so! Words simply can’t convey the magic of your food and atmosphere. Paradiso it truly is – this is how food should taste. Thank you!!

Ian Les Paul – BC


Hi Den and Bridget,
Just thought I’d let y’all know, the Hillbillies are on the move again!
We just bought a new farm on the Canadian Prairies. A honkin’ big one!
Still miss you both and your magic restaurant. Believe me there is nothing like it anywhere else!
Take care of each other, hope to see you one day
Love Ian & Kim…

Denis Cotter comments: – Lovely to hear from you. Er…how big? Are you two avoiding each other at opposite ends of the prairie?

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