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Paradiso guestbook

Guestbook? Very 1997 that, you say. Well, this one’s been around that long and we’ve loved receiving and publishing feedback from around the world. If you’re more inclined towards the busy high street of all things webby, go to our Tripadvisor page to have your say. On the other hand, if you have a fondness for the old-school or a tendency to the quietly retro, do please post a message here. Go on …

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jo – somerset


I am coming to cafe paradiso with friends on saturday to celebrate my 30th birthday (assuming the wonderful ultan has booked us in!). We are making the trip from various locations in england to enjoy the fine veggie fare of dennis and his team. I am sooooooooooo excited and will let you know what the food is like! We’re staying at the gort-na-nain guesthouse which has a link on this website- check it out, they are lovely.

Tara Nelson – Dublin


My boyfriend and I visited your restaurant last Saturday afternoon and I can honestly say it was THE most delicious meal that I have ever tasted! Your staff were wonderful, the food was delicious and it was just so nice to sit outside (even when it was raining!). Next time we visit Cork, we’ll definitely be back! I’ll be recommending your restaurant to everyone I know!!! Thanks, Tara & Nicky
PS – Truffles and Coffee – MMMMmmmmm!

martine moon – oxford


We have lost our signed copy of the first book you published…can you send us another one please. If yes then please let me know how to pay etc…

elizabeth – Cornwall


My partner, Alan bought me both books for presents and we LOVE the deepness of flavour each recipe has produced. He is now even growing cavalero negro for me!

Alan is turning 50 late summer and I want to give him a present of staying at the hotel! Am very keen to visit the retaurant and have the experts make the amazing recipes.

We love the books and they give the best tasting vegetarin recipes – WELL DONE!


Olivia – New


My boyfriend and I have recently moved to Cork and I heard great things about Cafe Paradiso as soon as I got here – lucky me its also vegetarian! Went there on Saturday night and absolutely loved it, not sure what the NZ connection is…but with the paua shells and the picture of a tiki on the wall next to where we were sitting there definitely must be one… The food was absolutely devine, everything had lots of flavour and I was absolutely spoilt for choice with being able to pick ANYTHING from the menu instead of 1 or 2 items. My boyfriend also loved the meal, esp the couscous crusted aubergine…We had starters, wine, main and dessert and everything was absolutely perfect.
Will definitely be going back there again – my new found favourite restaurant!

frida – sweden


Hello Dennis and paradiso!
Now it´s one year since i were at cafe paradiso and i really miss that time youre restaurant is the best, i hope i can come back soon again!

pauline burke – Limerick


Having read all comments must come and see for myself!

David – Cornwall


Any news yet of the new (2007) book ?

Petra – Toscana,


I’ll been in Cork this summer, I’ll sure come to visit you!! ;)

Kerry & Howard – London


We’re just back (yesterday) from a trip to Cork that I am not embarrassed to say was due entirely to the fact that your restaurant is there… I’d bought the first book and was blown away by how inspirational the recipes are and how magnificently they turned out. My OH is completely vegetarian whereas I am pescetarian and is always fed up with the limitations of “smart restaurants” and their one, tired and boring veggie option that I could probably cook better at home. So, I decided to give him a real anniversary treat. We were so excited and couldnt wait til the following night that we got a table as soon as we landed, thus dining there two nights running. The food was superb and I had to buy the second book there and then. We both of us forced down three courses both nights (which we never do)so we’re hitting the gym next week but it was absolutely sensational. We’ve already recommended the book and the restaurant to frequent visitors to Ireland and I am already pondering our next visit! Just writing this is making me hungry! I cant recommend your books or your restaurane highly enough and commend you on such innovative and inspired food and such great, friendly staff. You deserve real success and what you’ve created is testimony to that

jenny mckenna – oxford


love your four seasons book and have spread the word and fed friends on the easier recipes. must come and eat the real stuff. the veg. info on this site is v. welcome, what about vegetarian hotels bbs etc? am trying hard with my own small vegetable beds, and took your advice on using the wild garlic growing in my little urban orchard.

Margaret Prunty – New


First of all, I would take the music of “YES” to that deserted island. Their music lasts forever and ever and ever, so one could never get bored.

I am surprised that there are no other New Yorkers writing entries here or talking about your cookbook which I will soon purchase. I hope to visit Cork (for the first time) sometime in 2007 …and from the reviews I have read about your place, would definitely consider staying/eating at Cafe Paradiso. My brother Will is chef over here…currently working at “Frankie Sputinos” in Brooklyn (sorry, we are not vegetarians…Mom and Dad raised us on meat and potatoes)
but perhaps a visit to your restaurant would permanently alter my palate—for the better.
I have been considering giving up meat for many years but have yet to take the plunge 100%.

Until my visit, I wish you continued success with your restaurant, hotel and cookbook writings.
Sincerely, Margaret

Kylie and Andy – Hove,


We just wanted to drop a line to thank you so much for our visit of this week. You made us feel very warmly welcomed throughout our stay and the food, as always was just fantastic. That truffley soup is a thing of beauty and I shan’t forget it. This was our first Paradiso breakfast and we were both completely stuffed – your portions are incredibly generous – and couldn’t believe the attention lavished on them. And great coffee! Can’t say better than that. The room was lovely too – I really enjoyed huddling in the throw and enjoying a read of the books and magazines listening to Brian Eno. Looking forward to the next visit.


Kylie and Andy

Asma –


This must be a strange review to read . I actually heard about Cafe Paradiso from my English teacher , Mr.Darcy ( a friend of yours ) back in 12th grade in Tripoli , Libya ( 2003 ) when we were studying the Italian movie . It’s cool that I found this website .
It’s my bad luck that I haven’t been to it yet , but from the amazing reviews I read above , and from recalling Mr.Darcy’s perfectionism , I’m sure I wouldn’t be disappointed .
Keep it up !

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