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dinner menu

six course set menu  -  €68 per person

hegarty's cheddar croqueta, roast pepper, fermented chilli

beetroot tartare, rice cracker


~ ~ ~

carrot escebeche, pickled fennel, citrus labneh

~ ~ ~

cauliflower, cashew korma, cavolo nero, pickled raisins

~ ~ ~

sweetcorn cappelloni, jalapeno, lime

~ ~ ~

potato, cep cream, chanterelles, shallot

~ ~ ~

chocolate tart, brown butter ice cream, hazelnut


rosemary honey ice cream, caramelised brioche, lemon curd


roast plum, frangipane, damson sauce, mint


aged coolea, stout toast, beetroot relish

This menu was posted on: 1 Sep 2023 All menu details are subject to change without notice.

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Our menu is six courses at ā‚¬68 per person.

A vegan verĀ­sion of the menu is always available.

We can also adapt the menu to a gluten-ā€‹free diet if notice is given when bookĀ­ing. HowĀ­ever, given the nature of the menu, we are not able to accomĀ­moĀ­date all dietary restricĀ­tions. If you have any allerĀ­gies other than gluten, please call the restauĀ­rant before makĀ­ing a reserĀ­vaĀ­tion to see if it is possible.

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