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Praise for Cafe Paradiso

‘Café Paradiso’s Denis Cotter is the finest vegetarian cook in these islands. Café Paradiso is the magical confection of a truly original cook, a man who not only puts his ideas into delicio… »

The Bridgestone Vegetarian Guide

“…I now firmly believe that Cork’s Café Paradiso is the only vegetarian restaurant – maybe in the whole of Europe – where the actual enjoyment of the food is paramount. Like all… »

Helen Lucy Burke

‘One of the great chefs of his generation… I wonder if Denis would mind being cloned, we need more of him!’


Tom Doorley, Sunday Tribune

‘Denis Cotter has been polishing his approach to vegetarian cooking for a decade or more, all the while combining flavours and influences with a sure hand and undogmatic intelligence, so that th… »

Matthew Fort, The Guardian

‘Here is a restaurant which treats food with wit, knowledge, spirit and enjoyment …it just happens to be vegetarian.’


Matthew Fort, The Guardian

‘Perfect, clever, light, ingenous …a thunderously fine restaurant.’


Bridgestone 100 Best Restaurants in Ireland 1999

Praise for Denis Cotter’s Books

‘wild garlic, gooseberries ...and me’

‘No other book on vegetables in my library is so beautifully written or so thought-provoking. The recipes, as ever, are intriguing and original, but even if you never cook a single thing out… »

Darina Allen, Irish Examiner

Not only the most gorgeous book title of the year, but also the most stylishly produced volume, and it’s a cracking read too


Marie-Claire Digby, Irish Times

‘A cookbook to lust after.’


Image Magazine

Vegetarian cookery with delicious style.’


BBC Good Food Magazine

‘Whether you get a veg box every week or shop at your local supermarket, you can’t fail to have noticed that the variety of veg on offer has increased markedly over the last couple of year… »

Book of the Month, Olive Magazine

‘Paradiso Seasons’

Paradiso Seasons, the new cookbook by the mega-talented vegetarian chef Denis Cotter of Cork’s Cafe Paradiso is out tomorrow – Monday June 23rd. This guy is the chef (or &… »


‘Denis Cotter is one of Ireland’s best chefs, though he’d not thank you for saying so. We’ve never heard this unassuming superstar refer to himself as anything other than ̵… »

Food & Wine Magazine

‘What a treat – the book that I’ve been waiting for all year has arrived at last. Regular readers will know how much I love Ireland’s most original restaurant, Denis Cotter’s… »

Georgina Campbell, Irish Independent

‘Elegant, inspiring and astonishingly creative dishes to delight even the most carnivorous of appetites. Speaking as a Frenchman from the South West of France, I am by no means vegetarian, but I… »

Eric Treuille, Books for Cooks, London

‘Who would have thought it possible that Denis Cotter could supersede his unsurpassable Cafe Paradiso Cookbook? That book is, in our opinion, the greatest cookbook ever written by a wor… »

John McKenna, food writer and publisher of the Bridgestone Guides

‘The Cafe Paradiso Cookbook’

‘…takes vegetarian food to a new dimension. The recipes are not too difficult and have never failed’


BBC Good Food Magazine

‘It’s great to have a veggie cookbook that inspires you to drool over the recipes and cook them too! Flick through the new Café Paradiso Cookbook and you’ll find more than 100 … »

BBC Vegetarian Magazine

Cook Book of the Week: ‘This is not a book for instant gratification, rather for lots of prolonged pleasure. Who knows, Denis Cotter may even tempt rabid meat-eaters with his vibrant new style o… »

Sybil Kapoor, The Independent

‘One of our best ever finds… on the strength of the book I visited the restaurant. It was the best eating experience I have ever had.’


Flora Woods (Manager, Books for Cooks, London), Food Illustrated

‘A ferocious imagination, and a gentle, wise wit, underpin the brilliant culinary improvisations of Denis Cotter. With The Café Paradiso Cookbook, he shows that vivid imagination, and … »

John McKenna

The Café Paradiso Cookbook by Denis Cotter is superb. Every page is filled with useful information, interesting ideas and good recipes.’


Weekend Review, The Saturday Independent

‘The best cookbook of the year… Utterly essential’


Irish Times