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#125 · Dottie S. – http://Dallas,
Monday 29 March, 2010

We actually visited your wonderful restaurant last March. I am thrilled to find your website. The food was some of the best we had in Ireland, and some of the best we’ve had any where. We stayed at Gortnanain Farm and had a really nice time. We meant to stay just one night and ended up staying for two.

#124 · Dan Gummerson – http://Wells-
Tuesday 09 March, 2010

I used to use some of your recipies from your brilliant ‘Paradiso Seasons’ book when i was the head chef of moyle’s hotel (Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire).We used to share some customers incidently. Anyway it was that good a book that somebody stole it. Earlier this week i tried to borrow a copy from the libary, however it turns out that every copy in english libaries has been stolen, presumably by people who love it as much as i do. Kind of twisted praise but praise indeed! Oh yeah i have just ordered my new copy. Dan

#123 · Tansy Mayfield – http://Caerleon,
Monday 22 February, 2010

We decided to make the first part of our holiday a stay in Cork mainly to visit Paradiso – I am so glad we did. The food was truly sublime – so well crafted, and such fantastic flavours. My previous restaurant crush was the Prinz Myshkin in Munich – we once drove 300 miles out of our way just to go on a return visit – I’m just glad that you are nearer!

#122 · Margaret Maes – http://Bloomington,
Tuesday 12 January, 2010

We stumbled on your restaurant by accident on Dec. 30 in the pouring rain. The staff was warm and welcoming in spite of the fact that we were drenched and had no reservation. Our meal was so good that we arranged to return the next night, New Year’s Eve, and had another spectacular dinner. I had no idea that you had just reopened (though I wondered about your proximity to the river), and I’m just amazed at the pictures you’ve posted and what you accomplished in just a month. We consider ourselves fortunate to have been there at the right time. Kudos on the beautiful new interior and the wonderful food, and thanks for your hospitality!

#121 · Celia Strange – http://Carmarthen
Monday 21 December, 2009

Well done Denis and all, we from accross the Irish Sea are full of admiration for you for getting back on track so swiftly -have a lovely Christmas, from Celia and Mike

#120 · Celia Strange – http://Carmarthen
Sunday 20 December, 2009

Hi Denis, and everyone, from Celia and Mike. Deri has let us know how you have succeeded in getting up and running this weekend. Huge admiration flows from this side of the Irish Sea to you, and our warmest wishes for a successful re-launch.

#119 · Nicki ffrench – http://Cork
Monday 14 December, 2009

Well done everyone for your bravery in tackling the flooding head-on and treating it as a real opportunity. I’m sure you will bounce right back (er, should that be splashback in this case?. Good luck with your best kitchen, restaurant and website ever!

#118 · Will O'Reilly – http://Dublin
Sunday 01 November, 2009

Had an amazing experience last Friday!! Loved everything that was put in front of me :)
Any chance of opening a sister resturant up in the second capital??? ;)

#117 · Eoin & Orla – http://Dublin
Monday 03 August, 2009

Amazing meal and choice of food…for a vegetarian this means everything!!! Staff were lovely, thanks a million!! We’ll be back again

#116 · Kim M – http://Northants,
Monday 27 July, 2009

Hi, just wanted to say the meal I ate last week at yours was possibly the best all year. Thanks for fitting us in on such short notice, and the staff were great. Never knew vegetables were so exciting, and I am now a convert to green beans…