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#25 · Pam – http://Dublin
Thursday 06 October, 2005

First came upon the cook book in Portland, Oregon while living there. Finally got to go there in May 2004 and again in August 2004. Suddenly my trip from Dublin to Cork is fuelled by fantastic food, service and oringinality at Cafe Paradiso. Four of us ate there and each meal was as good as the other person’s! Melt in the mouth flavour and taste!
#24 · Mary Barry – http://Swansea
Thursday 06 October, 2005

Your cookbooks are excellent. This year we took on an allotment and were able to enjoy deep fried stuffed courgette flower – wonderful! Your books are dictating what we grow. We looking forward to visiting your restaruant next spring on our way to West Cork.
#23 · Noelle – http://Auckland
Thursday 06 October, 2005

My dear friends.
A slightly addled and nostalgic Google-ing has revealed you to me. Now awash with homesickness and a longing for some sheeps cheese galette.
Miss you all, love you all.
Kia kaha,bro’s.xxxxxxxxxxx
#22 · john – http://USA
Thursday 06 October, 2005

Cool site!!!!! :-), 7q!
#21 · Zoe Walton – http://England
Thursday 06 October, 2005

Last summer me and my other half were driving around Ireland on holiday when after an exhausting drive from Dublin reached Cork at 9pm. After finding somewhere to stay we stummled upon Cafe Paradiso. The food, staff and petty much everything was fantastic. The funny thing was that when we arrived back in England (and had been raving on about the resturant to friends) I went into my kitchen to prepare some food and decided to use our new cookbook that had been bought for my partner as a leaving present from work only a week before we went on holiday. I looked at the title ‘Paradiso Seasons’ and thought that it was a coincidence and look inside to find my thoughts confirmed. Brilliant, not only did it make me chuckle but have been cooking fantastic food since. Thanks for an amazing time and great receipes.
#20 · Tim B. – http://Uk
Thursday 06 October, 2005

stumbled across cafe paradiso when passing through Cork on a bit of a road trip. can’t believe my luck and it was great with young kids (i have two). just ordered the book to remind me of our delightful dinner
#19 · Perry – http://Sligo
Thursday 06 October, 2005

Heading to Cork tomorrow with no. 1 aim to eat dinner at CP again. Its only 5 hours drive and worth it!
#18 · spOOky – http://All
Thursday 06 October, 2005

Woohoo!!! Coming tomorrow evening for the first time!! Can’t wait!... just looking at the menu makes my tummy do nice things, similar to the first time I met my girlfriend (also from Cork)

Got the cookbook, will soon have eaten at the restaurant, then all I’ll need is the t-shirt!
#17 · Jeremy Brookes – http://Kent,
Thursday 06 October, 2005

I am avidly looking forward to getting a copy of Paradiso Seasons, having practically worn out my copy of the Café Paradiso Cookbook. Unfortunately Amazon UK seem to be having problems getting it – 1st order was cancelled by them, second has just been delayed after 8 weeks wait. sigh
#16 · Fergus McCormack –
Thursday 06 October, 2005

I haven’t been converted to a veggie but I still love to go to Cafe Paradiso and enjoy something different, I feel that the superb service I have experienced each time there should also be acknowleged.