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Wines of the Month for January

We’ve got a couple of lovely Italians in as wines of the month to kick off the new year, both interesting variations on familiar grape varieties.

The white is the cutely named Ciu Ciu Tebaldo 2009 from the Marche region of Italy, a blend of Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. The much derided C-grape brings a lovely buttery, round, mouth-filling character to the melon and peach flavours of pinot grigio, resulting in a wine with enough body and personality to stand up to almost any dish on the menu.

The red is a Salice Salentino 2009 from Masseria Pietrosa in Salento in the south of Italy. As you might expect from a hot climate wine, it has flavours of spiced figs, cocoa and dried fruit in a medium body of confident richness. A bit like drinking alcoholic chocolate-coated raisins, but that comment might have come from someone who had been munching on chocolate-coated raisins on the way to work. If you’re hankering after an Amarone, the rich flavours and long savoury finish of this Salice will deliver all your cravings at half the price. Perfect with winter food and a January budget.

Both wines of the month are priced at €6.50 a glass, €13 for a carafe and €26 a bottle.

Posted on: 13 January 2011

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