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The worrying silence about the new book

I know, I know…at this stage some people are afraid to ask about it in case it’s a sore issue, while others are convinced the whole thing was a fantasy. One brave soul, David in Cornwall, asks it straight out – any news yet of the new book?

Well, the news is that the book is done – done, that is, in the sense that the text is written and edited, as are the 111 recipes. The photography is all shot and the first layouts are even now heading my way. So you could say the book is done. But I’ve learned this time round, more than with the previous books, that a book is never done until you get a real solid copy of the finished article, smelling of freshly cut paper and printers ink. That’s not a complaint, more an acknowledgement of the incredibly detailed work that goes into editing and designing a book after the author has delivered his sloppy words.

And in that news is also the reason why there haven’t been any updates here recently. By the time I finished first, second and third drafts, I wasn’t too keen on writing a blog in my spare time. By the time I’d finished responding to edits, I couldn’t remember how to construct a sentence I didn’t hate, and my fingers had developed a localised psychosis about approaching keyboards. That’s a month ago now and I can feel a little recovery kicking in. Seeing the layouts will mark the beginning of the next stage, the fun part, of actually seeing the book take shape. Now that my fingers are moving again, I promise to keep you up to date with it.

Some hard info to be going on with –

The book is called ‘wild garlic, gooseberries and me’, and it will be published by Harper Collins in the last week of October 2007. There are 320 pages, divided into four chapters of stories, blather and something like information, with 111 recipes and some very beautiful photography by Cristian Barnett. What’s it all about? Other than vegetables, I can’t really say now, but promise number two is that I will attempt to answer that in a little while when I’ve read it through.

Posted on: 12 June 2007

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