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Paradiso is 20!

Paradiso first opened its doors twenty years ago, way back in October 1993 when the celtic tiger was an innocent wee glint in a property developer’s eye, and opening a restaurant wasn’t really the most sensible way to go about making a living. It’s been an incredible ride so far, and one that doesn’t feel half done yet. Even now, Paradiso still feels more like a new kid on the block than the institution it has become. We’re immensely proud of the achievements along the way, the awards and recognition, the books published, milestones ticked off and obstacles overcome. Mostly, we’re proud of the standards we’ve set for ourselves, maintained and improved, and for continuing to put quality of food and service first. This is mostly down to the incredible dedication of the people who work here, now and in the past. We’re honoured by the relationships we’ve built up with suppliers, growers and producers, and with the customers whose support, curiosity and love of good food has pushed us all the time to be the best we can be.

We’ve been celebrating during this month of October with events like Free Tuesday, giveaways of overnight packages, vouchers, books and random pouring of prosecco, and we’ll continue with occasional and spontaneous celebrations right through the coming year. And we’ll be celebrating best by simply continuing to do what we do. Sure, they say the first twenty years is the hardest.

Posted on: 24 October 2013

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