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As most of you are aware, Paradiso has a close working relationship with Gortnanain Farm, and that Ultan and Lucy’s home on that farm is also a guesthouse.

Well, we’ve noticed that a lot of guests who stay overnight in Paradiso also spend a night in Gortnanain, and the feedback from those joint trips is always incredible. Experiencing the place where the food comes from is a wonderful way to enhance the pleasure of eating in Paradiso. And dinner at Gortnanain is, if anything, an even better way to eat their amazing produce (so Ultan says anyway, and he’s usually right).

As the growing season is about to take off in earnest, we’ve put together a package with Gortnanain, to encourage more of you to visit both places and to simplify the booking process.

As well as wonderful food and accommodation in both locations, your dinner at Cafe Paradiso will begin with a glass of elderflower prosecco, and the visit to Gortnanain will include a tour of the farm with Ultan.

The total cost of the two night trip for two people sharing is just €330, and bookings can be made by calling Paradiso on ++353 (0)214277939.

Posted on: 5 July 2010

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#1 · Holly
Monday, 12 April, 2010

We can’t stop thinking about our amazing trip to Gort Na Nain and Cafe Paradiso. We are so grateful to Lucy and Ultan for their amazing hospitality. Also, thanks to David at Cafe Paradiso. He was so kind to us during our dinner there. Thank you! I’m glad to see that this special is being offered, so more people can enjoy the awesomeness.

#2 · Ciaran
Tuesday, 01 June, 2010

Just preparing to leave Gort na Nain for Cork and Café Paradiso. Enjoyed a beautiful meal and the kindest of hospitality courtesy of Ultan and Lucy. Looking forward to seeing what you can do with their produce :)

#3 · Frank Traynor
Monday, 18 October, 2010

After a visit to Ultan & Lucy’s market garden, its easy to understand how cafe Paradiso creates its sublime food. Here is a unique combination of ingredients passionately grown in healthy soil, and a craftsman that understands how to draw out the magic in those ingredients. Special food created by special people, in a special environment. Thanks to everyone.