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One work day left...doffing my hat to Allianz Insurance

The bad news is I have no photos from today. My camera batteries died and I just couldn’t get to the shops to get more. Not that I didn’t pass shops on the way to the bank to lodge the insurance cheque but I was in a fierce hurry at the time. Coming out of the bank, I got a call from Paradiso, minor emergency number three of the day, so I got in a taxi and forgot about batteries. You forget the important things when someone is sawing a couple of inches off the banquette seating because it doesn’t fit into the space or the final coat of wall paint is the wrong colour but going on the walls anyway.

The good news is that the progress today was incredible. But I want to backtrack here for a minute to say that, although it was a very challenging job to get the figures right, our insurance company have been very supportive. They were in early and were very decisive about what was covered, which meant we could start work on re-building before the claim was fully negotiated. Of course there was a lot of bouncing numbers back and forth, but I never felt that they would leave me out of pocket, and in the end every penny they signed up to went into the building. This morning, the cheque was delivered in person when it could have been put ‘in the post’. Insurance companies get a lot of stick, and there are some bad stories going around post-flood, but I’d like to take my hat off to Allianz for backing Paradiso in getting back open as fast as we have.

Okay, we’re not open yet, but we will be there on time. The beautiful empty room of 8am – – turned into a workshop again for fourteen hours, then emptied out again. In between, it was the now usual blur of brilliant craftsmen doing their dance. I can’t wait for the place to be open so everyone can see what they’ve done. It really is lovely. And most things are fitting into their spaces again. Not all, but most. I have a lot more hats to doff but I’ll save that for another day. One more huge push tomorrow and we’ll be there.

Posted on: 18 December 2009

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#1 · David Rochford
Saturday, 19 December, 2009

Just heard about your restaurant on newstalk this morning (Dec 19th). I didn’t even know it existed! My girlfriend is vegetarian and we’re always looking for new vegetarian restaturants to go to. We shall definitely pay you a visit over the xmas period. Delighted to see that you’re getting back on your feet after the flood. I’ve just been chatting to a friend from Cork and she had nothing but good things to say about your restaurant and staff!! Really looking forward to trying you out. Merry Christmas, David & Carol