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November wines of the month

This month’s featured white is from the Crios label in Mendoza, Argentina, distributed by Wines Direct. Made by Susana Balbo from the indigenous Torrontes grape, this 2009 vintage is a wonderful example of how good the grape can be when the wine is properly balanced. Starting with aromas of honey, oranges, quince and elderflowers, you would think from the nose that it is going to be a sweet wine. Then, as a little of the honey/floral/orange follows through on the palate, it is balanced by a good acidity, resulting in a lovely round, medium bodied wine with a slightly savoury aftertaste. Savoury…that’s a good word for it…like a dessert that gradually loses its sweetness so you can go on eating it.

The red, supplied by On The Grapevine, is a more familiar Cote du Rhone, this one from Clos Petite Bellane in, well, France of course. It’s a 2007, classically rich with a slightly spicy nose, it has supple gently crushed fruits on palate – delicious redcurrants and raspberries in a smooth, medium bodied weight with low tannins. A package that makes you go ‘yum!’ if all that other stuff doesn’t spring immediately to mind.

Both wines have enough elegance, character and clout to go really well with rich autumnal flavours and the white also doubles up brilliantly with Asian spicing.

Priced at €26 a bottle, they are both also available by the carafe and glass.

Posted on: 7 November 2010

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