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Electric Picnic report

Thanks to the forty or so souls who sat through my demo at the Electric Picnic, especially as it was on at 6pm on Saturday when there were at least two bands playing that I would have payed the ticket price to see, not to mention the legendary Fossett’s circus. I missed ‘That Petrol Emotion’ to do that demo and given that there were about a dozen stages everyone sitting on log benches and mouldy sofas paying attention to a cookery demo is a testimony to the wonderful diversity of the festival. It was one of the most enjoyable gigs I’ve done, relaxed and fun and intense at the same time. The theme of mushrooms, rolling and smoking isn’t one you could do in many settings. I only wish I had remembered that I was miked up when I bent over to demonstrate the eating technique for eating ricepaper parcels by sucking the dip through the rolls. By all accounts, the sound effect was something like a small herd of swine at teatime.

For my sins, I got two passes for the weekend and the chance to see some amazing acts, some low-key like Teitur’s set on Saturday afternoon, and some big names doing their festival thing – Sigur Ros, Grace Jones, Elbow etc. But for me there were three unforgettable highlights – Faust tearing the place up with chainsaws, drills and live painting; the unbelievably cool Congos, whose album ‘Heart of the Congo’ kept my soul alive in the late seventies/early eighties – Maureen and I met them after the gig and it felt like being in the presence of evolved beings; and this guy, a Canadian poet who will make you laugh and cry at the same time – Shane Koyzcan

Posted on: 8 September 2008

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