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Christmas cookery class with Denis at the Tannery

For anyone wondering how to cope with pesky vegetarians coming to Christmas dinner, or if you feel like doing a Gwyneth Paltrow by becoming a flexitarian for the day, Saturday 12th December is a date you’ll want to put in your diary. I will be teaching a full day course at the Tannery cookery school in Dungarvan. Having already given one class here earlier this year, I can tell you that it’s a very full, rewarding day, and good fun too due to the wonderfully relaxed hospitality of Paul and Maire Flynn. The price includes a glass or two of wine to keep the day rolling, tasting of all the food demonstrated, and lunch too.

You can check out the details at the Tannery website – and, if you want to book, give The Tannery a ring. It’s a small class so don’t dilly dally.

Posted on: 19 November 2009

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